JULIPEDRA, Ltd. was born from the experience and knowledge of Julio Lopes Pedro, who inherits his father's tradition of stone work, working since 1955, was known locally as master in the art of working stone, developing the activity in his small space.

In 1981, JULIPEDRA is officially created, possessing, at the time, an industrial space of about 1500m2 covered area. Specialized in cut-to-size pieces, made with high added value, for the demanding market of luxury properties in the residential touristic areas such as the resort "Quinta do Lago" in Algarve.

The company's growth is more intense from the year 2000, resulting from the development and strong presence in the domestic market.

From 2008, JULIPEDRA starts extracting from their own quarries, getting the control of entire producing process. It is also from this date that begins the company export process, with partnerships and finding new clients.

Since 2009 that JULIPEDRA is part of the strict range of companies awarded with the title of PME Lider, a Portuguese title for the most competitive companies, a reward for the effort and work done.

Currently the company exports about 90% of its production to more than 20 countries on all continents.

“From the time that stone was sawn by hand till today, with all the machinery, stone remains with the same challenge"
              Julio Lopes Pedro – JULIPEDRA Founder

JULIPEDRA industrial plant is located in the center of the country, right in the heart of the Maciço Calcário Estremanho, where all the raw material comes from.
Occupying an area of approximately 20.000sqm, of which 7,000sqm are covered, it is equipped with the necessary conditions to produce, in a sustainable way, ornamental stone.

The used methods allow us to have a high competitiveness level, using the experience and modern technology to minimize all wastes.
The modern production lines, both for cutting and finishing, can guarantee a supply with quantity without losing quality control. Flexibility of tools and processes creates conditions to give a positive answer to small, medium or large projects.

The experience of decades working stone make the difference, to predict, plan and manage the entire production.
For the whole process be sustainable it is necessary to reuse all waste generated during production. So, the entire plant is equipped with systems that manage and reuse the waste, both liquids and solids.

The whole process begins with the extraction of the blocks in the quarry, where the first control is made.

The classification of materials per quality, existing quantity and technical characterization ensures a viable solution to every project. The modern extraction processes allow a high production capacity, able to respond in time, to the most demanding challenges.

​JULIPEDRA has a long and successful relationship with the major quarries in the region, a study carried out in close partnership with suppliers that allows effective control of the whole process.

Valongo Quarry
Located in Rio Maior, at the base of the Serra dos Candeeiros, the VALONGO quarry has an extraction area of more than 30.000m2, its layers are inclined with slopes of 15 to 20º to the West.

​From this unit are extracted approximately 200m3 per month of BRANCO VALONGO limestone selected blocks.

Vale da Onia Quarry
Located in Alcobaça, in the set of outcrops of Moleanos Limestone, the VALE DA ONIA quarry develops on a hillside with an extraction area of more than 40.000m2.

The layers are oriented NE-SW and have slopes around 15º, the extraction is done following the sediment lamination.

​From this quarry can be extracted from 200 to 300m3 per month.

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